The Record of the North

Under Ripenso

21-23 Hekatombion, 2242

Peering out into the darkness of Vimanas, Narayan searched through his memory of the city to try to get his bearings. Eventually, he recognized the Tower of Speaking, actually three towers built into each other. The party decided to descend from their current perch and attempt to make their way toward it. This was easier said than done. The delvers had climbed down onto the balcony of a tall building, which was still sound, but the floor of the room that opened onto the balcony had rotted through, leaving it a sparse collection of sound supports. Kinaa attempted to navigate a way across it, only to crash through to the floor below almost immediately. Fortunately, the lower level was sound. Luckier yet, Kinaa’s fall had cleared enough space for people to make a safer transition, with help from above and below.

Here they discovered a surprisingly fresh Pried corpse. The halfling could not have been dead for more than a matter of days, a sharp contrast with the ancient, mildewed, and rotting city around them. The group speculated that the Rivermen may use the shaft above to dispose of bodies, or that the Pried had found his way here by other means. But the huge gash that had eviscerated him had clearly come from a sword or other blade. It evidenced that the ruins were not completely abandoned or completely safe.

They made their way to the lower parts of the tower with no further incident. There they faced an interesting choice. They could climb down to the level of the street and attempt to make their way through the piles and drifts of silt and brackish water (and likely quicksand), or they could attempt to clamber over the roofs and through the windows of buldings just above the level of the silt, braving the dangers of unsound buildings and the physically taxing feats of climbing and jumping that this would require. Ultimately, it was decided to take the latter course, and the group made slow progress, with Narayan in the lead.



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