Barthomieu son of Baldomar

Young Kingsman with more conviction than brains.




The Kingsman known as Barthomieu son of Baldomar was encountered by the party in Reyen on 6 Boedromion, 2242. He was trying to convince Gui Saltlegs to use his influence with Lord Eyatha to get the Loyalist Tieflings of Reyen to openly declare their support for the King in Shadows. Barthomieu’s fanaticism and lack of social graces offended Gui, and there would have been serious bloodshed had the party not intervened.

Later, the party enlisted Barthomieu’s help when working to get Vikram out of the Sea Warden’s lockup. Led by Barthomieu, the Kingsmen attacked the Sea Wardens at another point in the city, apparently using a keg of blasting powder from the Black Eyrie against the elite guards.

It was revealed during the scuffle with Gui Saltlegs that Barthomieu is, in fact, a woman who had bound her breasts to disguise herself as a man. Her true name, origin, and history remains unknown.

Description: Barthomieu is a young man – perhaps sixteen – wearing a dark red cloak. He has a smooth face marked by a scar that runs down one side of his chin and a gold earring in his left ear. He has a thin, serious face and graceful hands dotted with what appear to be small burns. He is grave, but quick to anger, and tries to speak in a faux-rumble.

Barthomieu son of Baldomar

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