Gaudifer du Carnot

A minor knight who has come to care for Vikram's wife


Gaudifer du Carnot is a minor knight in the service of King Kaera II and the son of the Reeve of Ten Trees, a town on the margin of the Ruttishwood. He came into the city a month ago when his garrison in the Ruttishwood was recalled to the king’s court. He soon formed a relationship with Vikram’s wife, Careilla, who returned his attentions because it seemed that Vikram had abandoned her and her child. Gaudifer has been supporting her in comfortable, though not lavish, fashion, but it is unclear whether his intentions involve marriage in the long run. Though a doughty fighter against bandits, goblins, and worse in the Ruttishwood, he has proven that he has no stomach for standing up to King Kaera’s elite Sea Wardens.

Description: Sir Gaudifer is in his mid-twenties, with a crooked nose, dark blue eyes, a heavy brow, and a bushy beard. His build is broad at the shoulders and squat (about 3” shorter than Vikram), and he often wears heavy canvas and leather clothing. When expecting trouble, he wears a tabard with the Scales and Storm crest of Reyen over chain mail. He carries a sword of Graewys make with lightning bolts worked into the hilt-guard.

Gaudifer du Carnot

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