Careilla daughter of Owain

Vikram's wife


Careilla is a slim, sharp-faced woman in her mid-twenties with bright blue eyes and premature worry-lines across her forehead and around her eyes. She wears a few silver earrings in her left ear and a blue silk sash cinching a plain grey cotton dress.


Careilla was born in 2217 K to Owain and Larisse Coppersmith in the New City of Reyen. She was the oldest of five children, but the only one to survive into adulthood. When Careilla was seventeen, her youngest brother, Isore, died of a fever that also carried off her mother. Her father survived for a few years longer, taking more and more to drink until his body failed him at last when Careilla was twenty. Careilla sold off his coppersmithing business to one of his apprentices, and took a job as a scribe in the Old City.

She had not been at her job long before she encountered a researcher in the archives: an eladrin named Vikram Starless. The courtship was brief, and they were married soon thereafter. In 2239, Careilla gave birth to a daughter, named Mabile for her grandmother. Vikram performed the Saining to make his offspring into a half-elf, giving her the Eladrin name of Rekha. Vikram bought the small family a home in the New City, and Careilla thought that she had found stability at last.

In 2242, however, Vikram left the city abruptly to follow a lead in his research, saying that he did not know when he would return. Careilla was devastated, and left to care for Mabile on her own. Suspicion attached itself to her because of her absent eladrin husband and half-elf child, and she found herself shunned by her friends and neighbors. She was thus vulnerable to the attentions of Gaudifer du Carnot, a minor knight from the village of Ten Trees. Gaudifer started an affair with her in late Metageitnion of that year, supplying her with the income she needed to support her daughter. Careilla has her doubts about Gaudifer’s character, but believes that she and Mabile need the protection of someone politically connected.

Careilla daughter of Owain

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