Andikona den Maura Wavecaptain

A zealot whose crew will follow her to the death


Andikona is tall for a Halfling, with skin the color of well-tanned leather, and piercing blue eyes on either side a wide nose. She wears her thick reddish hair in a number of small braids down her back. She is one of the youngest Wavecaptains that Demat has ever seen, and, over functional but well-made clothing (blouse, leather vest, and pants) wears with pride the deep blue outer robe of her mother with its ivory plates sewn into either lapel.


Andikona den Maura Wavecaptain is a young, fiery Pried who hails from Demat. She ascended to the rank of Wavecaptain at only 25. Thus, she is the youngest to hold that post since the near-legendary Roese den Vuissance, who was instrumental in defeating the Black Flotilla in 1842 K and saving Demat from destruction at the hands of hobgoblins. Andikona feels that she has something to prove, then, and has prayed for years to the Masters of Salt and Wave to show her her destiny.

In early Metageitnion, 2242, a message came to Demat from their distant cousins in Ragorsaf, a far-flung colony of Pried on the coast of Riggsland, begging them for assistance in evacuating. Ragorsaf had been caught between the Arcénne’s blockade and his army’s advance, and the elders of the village feared that they would soon be wiped out. A meeting of the Wavecaptains of Demat was called, and the Priesthood Council asked for volunteers to go to Ragorsaf. It had been made clear to the Wavecaptains beforehand that they were not to volunteer; the meeting was a formality, and the Priesthood Council did not plan on expending resources on a rescue mission to a colony that had split off from the rest of the Pried soon after the founding of Demat.

When the time came, Andikona den Maura was the only Wavecaptain to stand. She gathered a zealous crew of like-minded halflings to herself, and managed to get her ship, the Guardian Star, outfitted through force of personality alone. Now she is bound northward to run the Arcénne’s blockade and do what she can for Ragorsaf.

Andikona den Maura Wavecaptain

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