Arbellor, a land known to past generations as the garden of the Floran Empire, is now a place of warring kings, bandit lords, and overgrown forests. The inhabitants retreat to walled villages and cities, leaving old outposts of the empire to be reclaimed by the trees and wild beasts. Even in the shining bazaars of Reyen and Gallezi, the fear that civilization is on the retreat haunts each report of a farm grown over or a village burned and not rebuilt.

But the Florans were not the first to call Arbellor theirs, nor the first to watch their cities crumble to dust. In forgotten ruins, older powers stir. They see the weakness of Arbellor, and they plot to call it theirs once again.

Surely there are riches to be had here, for those bold enough to seize them, and perhaps glory as well. Whether swords, prayers, and spells could turn the tide, though, none can say. Hope is a rare coin in Arbellor, and its people do not invest it easily.

The Record of the North

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